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Electrical Distribution

Control, Protection

Complete Control System Solutions

GEDLux offers a complete solution for the supervision, control, and protection of medium and high voltage electrical distribution both in electrical substations and in transmission and distribution networks.  Our comprehensive technical knowledge of the entire electrical process and close collaboration with manufacturers allow us to custom design, engineer, supply, and integrate a complete solution adapted to each client and maintenance thereafter. 

Furthermore, our long and close collaboration with ABB and Hitachi Energy has transformed GEDLux into an authority in their electrical automation systems, platforms, and devices, such as MicroSCADA X, SYS600, DMS600, SDM600, Historian, RTU500, and the Relion series MV/HV control & protection relays. 

Case Study
Find out how GEDLux and Hitachi Energy worked together to modernize railways in Catalonia.
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Complete Equipment Supply

SCADA Systems


Real-time Monitoring and Control

MicroSCADA X has been created using a human-centred design to permit friendly and intuitive use of a combination of existing MicroSCADA systems to allow complete functionality of real-time monitoring and control of primary and secondary equipment in transmission and distribution substations.

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HV/MV Control & Protection Relays
Remote Terminal Units
MV Grid Monitoring




Radio, Mobile, Cable

Versatile, Secure, Reliable

Communications have always been central to remote control and measurement systems whether they be a small SCADA or an entire control centre. For this reason, it is absolutely vital to focus on the planning and deployment of the communications network so that the control system can operate without interruptions and achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness in the tasks to be carried out.

GEDLux offers the equipment and experience to design and put into operation industrial communication systems, both inside plants and factories as well as between installations. To ensure optimal service, we rely exclusively on reputable manufacturers whose products are robust enough to withstand the demanding environments which industrial communications command. 

Our solutions are based on leveraging the three pillars of communication systems in critical environments: Versatility, Security and Reliability

Versatile Solutions

By correctly combining the different protocols (industrial, redundancy, SDH, MPLS, ...) and their various supports (Fiber, 4G, Radio links, Powerline carrier wave, ...), we can achieve a versatile system to provide the capacity and latency functionalities of the channel required in the place and form desired. In this way, we can adjust and size the system according to the customer's needs and allow further upscaling in the future or integration or extension of existing communications installations.

Reference Projects

Energy Grid, Hidroeléctrica El Carmen (2019-21)
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Canteras & Gimnasio: Grid Installations (2021)
Supply, engineering, and commissioning of communications for the Canteras 2 transformer substation using Ormazabal equipment and at the Gimnasio distribution centre using Schneider devices.

Energy Grid Installations (2019)
Integration of new centres into the telecontrol system, including a protection selectivity study.

This solution is an amalgam of cellular and radio options. The electricity grid is situated in expanse isolated countryside which at times can cause problems with mobile coverage, to compound the communication problem, the company’s SCADA office is not located next to the network but in a central server in Madrid.

Our System Architecture Solution was to create a hybrid Cell-Radio solution using FSK technology for long distances. The main communication network is cellular reliant however it has a radio communications backup.

The radio is used to reach two internet access points in the network and if the cellular internet connection fails, it can be reached by radio.
Agua Clara Wind Farm, Grupo TSK (2018-19)
Distribution Network. DiselCIDE (2018)

Secure Solutions

A prerequisite of all communication systems is the security mechanisms which are particularly crucial in critical infrastructures such as electricity distribution, and industrial systems where a communications security problem could have severe economic and human consequences.
In addition to a good perimeter security programming using firewalls and computer protection through antivirus software, GEDLux offers additional security via mechanisms such as: point to point encryption for communications vulnerable to interception or by employing or preventive analysis applications which minimize the chances of receiving a computer attack and maintaining the integrity of the system.

Reliable Solutions

A reliable communications system requires two key features: firstly robust equipment to ensure long failure-free life-cycle, and secondly, high availability redundancy mechanisms which, in the event of an unexpected failure, can automatically and seamlessly reconfigure the communications system in the shortest possible time and without service being interrupted.

A robust, redundant and high-availability system, ensures that optimal communications and frees up resources to be focused on productive tasks, making your control system as a whole more profitable.




Inmotics, Process Control, Sensorization

Automatic Centralized Control

Our control systems offer includes intelligent solutions to automate electrical processes in buildings and facilities through sensorization and remote units. In addition to the management of electrical distribution, GEDLux is expert in the design and programming of automation systems and can manufacture the corresponding devices to automate and control electrical processes in structures and facilities as large as offices, airports and transport tunnels.

Data Acquisition and Processing

We design, manufacture, and program automatisms implemented on PLC devices for data acquisition and processing. For this, it is essential to have a good knowledge of the process, as well as an efficient system of data acquisition.

Visualization and Operation

The graphic interface is dependent on the size of the installation, consequently we offer the programming of compact HMI panels or the option of SCADA systems (such as MicroSCADA X) which add functionalities such as report generation or operation according to user roles.

Sample Reference Projects

Steelworks, UNINSA, ArcelorMittal (2021)
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UNINSA, Autotrafo, ArcelorMittal (2021)
Retrofit of Autotransformer 1 of the Unión de Siderúrgicas Asturianas S.A. (UNINSA). 

UNINSA & La Granda, Arcelormittal (2021)
Integration of the Uninsa and La Granda substations in the Veriña control system (Gijón) and Avilés respectively.

Client: ArcelorMittal.

Public Buildings, Barcelona Provincial Council (2019-2021)
Paper Mill, Portugal, Navigator Paper Company (2019-2020)


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