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Renewable Energy

Solar, Wind

Enabling Sustainability

Since our company was founded in 2008, our projects have been principally concentrated in the renewable energy sector, in particular wind farms and solar plants. A milestone for our company’s development came in 2012 when we secured the contract to provide 230+ independent Spanish utility companies with a centralized substation automation system which brought us to the attention of green energy leaders, such as E-Redes (formerly HC Energy), and EDP Renewables. Our involvement in sustainable energies now extends to projects in Latin America and Asia. All our projects offer complete solutions: Custom Design, Equipment Supply, Installation, and Maintenance.

Sample Projects

110/30 kV Wind Farms, EDP Renewables (2012-24)

110/30 kV Wind Farms.

Engineering & commissioning of SET control and protection system comprising of a Hitachi Energy MicroSCADA system (hot standby version 9.4) and REF630, REF615, REC670 relays, RTU540, and RIO600 remotes.

Our client, EDP Renewables, is a global leader in renewable energy and the world’s third-largest wind energy producer. GEDLux worked on EDPr’s pivotal venture into the Polish market in 2012 and has secured a further 11 substation automation systems in wind farm projects in Poland.

The most recent being the 110/30 kV substations at Bobowo (2023), Klincz (2022), Budzyn (2022), Ujazd (2021), Wójcice (2021), and Wielkpolska (2020).

Distribution/Transformer Substations, E-Redes (2015-2024)
110/30 kV Solar Plants, EDP Renewables (2012-24)
150 MW Solar Plants, Grupo TSK (2013-2021)




Metro, Regional, Mountain

Empowering Movement

We have been working closely with Catalan Government Railways (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya – FGC) since GEDLux was founded in 2008. FGC operates several unconnected lines in and around Barcelona where we have been updating and modernizing its control systems not only in the substations but also in the control center itself.

Between 2015 and 2016, our reach in the railway sector expanded with incursions into subterranean railway networks. Firstly, by providing remote control cabinets to Barcelona Metropolitan Transport (TMB) and a year later, by using modern RTUs to replace the obsolete telemetry systems of Metro Madrid, this also involved engineering signal extensions and automated sequences. In 2019, we engineered and commissioned our first control system for a mountain railway located in the Pyrenees.


Sample Projects

Railway Substations, FGC (2015-2024)
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Underground Transformer Stations (2015 - 2023)

Since 2008, GEDLux has been modernizing, refurbishing, and maintaining the control systems of the railway substations belonging to FGC in Barcelona.

Projects are varied and encompass a broad range of tasks, which include:

  • Replacement of obsolete supervisory systems with RTUs, control & protection relays, and MicroSCADA systems
  • Refurbishment of catenary
  • Replacement of remote terminal units
  • Replacement of metering center cabinets
  • Analysis of remote-control cybersecurity
  • Replacement of transformer substation cabinets
  • Engineering of the remote control of transformer substations and the metering center
  • Migration to MicroSCADA X for the remote control of the energy control office
  • Replacement of transformer substations remote terminal units
  • Engineering of remote control systems and devices;  replacement of 6kV cabinets in Transformer Substations including migration of 211 series remote units to RTU511.
Metro Transformer Stations, TMB (2015-2024)
Underground Substations, Metro Madrid (2017-2019)
Control Centre Modernization, FGC (2016-2018)




Primary & Secondary Sources

Ensuring Power Generation

In 2013, our services were contracted by Grupo TSK, leading engineering, procurement, and construction company. This initial collaboration marked our expansion into the primary energy sector and an increased presence in international markets.

We presently provide substation automation systems for a mixture of power generation plants and industrial installations as far afield as Latin America to Indonesia. All our projects offer complete control system solutions: custom design, equipment supply, commissioning, and maintenance.


Sample Reference Projects and Key Clients

100 & 150 MW Back-up Power Plants, Chile (2018-19) - Client: Elecnor
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100 MW Back-up Power Plants

Supply of the substation automation system and algorithm engineering to interconnect three backup power plants (Don Hector, Los Vilos, & Tap Off) generating 150 MW and 100 MW of power.

Elecnor is an EPC contractor and concessionaire that provides engineering, procurement, construction, operation, and maintenance solutions mainly in the electrical, gas, railway electrification and renewal energy sectors. It employs 15,000+ professionals and is present in 50+ countries. GEDLux has been involved in its SCADA projects in Chile and Senegal since 2017.

Client: Elecnor
150 MW Run-of-river Hydroelectric Power Plant, Chile (2018-19) - Client: Elecnor Chile
75 & 100 MW Back-up Power Plants, Chile (2018) - Client: Grupo TSK / Prime Energy


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