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NOVA is the name of our registered company logo and customised products.

Originally we felt that the name best described the physical image of the logo, the newness of our foundling company, and also what we hoped it would become, a bright new star in the industry; years, and countless projects, later, it would appear that our company's performance has increasingly mirrored the description.

GEDLux we may not be so new, but neither is a NOVA, it merely gives that impression.

In truth, It's a star that burns a thousand times more than any other before returning to its original intensity which is an unusually accurate description for how our company mission and we operate. 

GEDLux is a stable, solid, and reliable control system company which uses only the most state of the art products and has proven itself capable of taking on major national and international projects whilst still retaining its accessibility and loyalty to its smaller clients.

And it has been this ability to adapt ourselves, burn brightly, and then return to our core values that we feel has been at the heart of our company's success.