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Celeo Redes Chile Ltda. es una unidad de la firma española Celeo Redes SL, que pertenece mayoritariamente a Celeo Concesiones e Inversiones, parte de Grupo Elecnor S.A..

El 49% de Celeo Redes Chile es propiedad del fondo holandés de pensiones APG. Celeo Redes Chile es el accionista principal de dos empresas chilenas de transmisión eléctrica: Alto Jahuel Transmisora de Energía S.A., responsable del proyecto de transmisión de 2x500kV Ancoa-Alto Jahuel, y Charrúa Transmisora de Energía S.A., que ejecuta el proyecto de transmisión de 2x500kV Charrúa-Ancoa. La compañía tiene su sede en Santiago de Chile.

EDP Renováveis (English: EDP Renewables, EDPR) is a leading renewable energy company registered in Oviedo and headquartered in Madrid that designs, develops, manages and operates power plants that generate electricity using renewable energy sources.

EDPR was established in 2007 to hold and operate the growing renewable energy assets of parent company Energias de Portugal (EDP Group), Portugal´s largest utility company headquartered in Lisbon. EDP Renováveis is the third-largest generator of wind energy globally (after Iberdrola Renovables and NextEra Energy Resources). EDPR´s business currently includes wind farms and, to a limited extent, mini-hydro energy activities. The company has also said it is actively exploring opportunities in other renewable energy technologies.

A cooperative society which supports, coordinates, and serves 230+ small distribution companies.

CIDE chose GEDLux over competitors, such as Schneider,and Applus to modify and install an ABB MicroSCADA Pro and DMS 600 system to improve the service to 550,000+ end customers in rural areas of Spain.

Central to its success is GEDLux's unique proposition of offering state-of-the-art technology and engineering in electrical control systems to independent local electricity distributors in Spain.

Our company size and geographic proximity, allows us to build close working relationships with clients with whom our executive management and senior engineers deal directly which leads to optimum customization of projects.

An Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractor with over 30 years experience and 95% international activity, the TSK Group is one of the Spanish companies with the most references in EPC projects in the energy, industrial, minerals handling and environment sectors.

GEDLux's collaboration with the TSK Group came about as a direct result of working on international projects in Poland with EDP which invcolved TSK. After proving its capability, GEDLux has been working with the TSK Group on projects in Peru and Bolivia.  

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