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GEDLux is not only specialist in SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and DMS (Distribution Management Systems), but also an ABB Authorized Value Provider for such systems; the scope of our benchmark projects in this field range from Europe to Latin-America.

GEDLux offers the complete solution from needs analysis, design, and engineering of the system to provision and commissioning of the devices. One of our regular clients is the energy sector giant, EDP Renewables for whom GEDLux has performed various SCADA projects in Spain, Poland, and Romania.

GEDLux's reputation in this area was the reason behind the CIDE energy company cooperative's decision to use our company as the SCADA-DMS provider for its mixed centralized/distributed system for its 230+ independent electricity distributor partners. The project involved the design, provision and commissioning of the basic & advanced MicroSCADA Pro (25 licences) and DMS (2 licences) systems.

There are two versions of the system offered to the CIDE partners depending on the distributor's size and end customer needs; basic and advanced (see above). The basic version gives the partner access to a centralized SCADA-DMS system which allows the management of their electricity network and, due to the integration of the Traza-CIDE system, the automatic generation of obligatory power quality reports. The system makes extensive use of Microsoft web interfaces.

The advanced system offers the option of a local SCADA and greater management and calculation functions. In addition, the partner can choose to migrate from the basic solution to the advanced at an time and even add a local DMS system to the advanced system for a fixed price.