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Global Reach; Local Response

GEDLux is an award winning substation automation system integrator

which has provided and commissioned over 100 control and protection systems to customers in Southern and Central Europe, Latin America, and Africa.

In 2014, GEDLux became the first engineering company in the world to attain the distinction of ABB Authorized Value Provider for electrical substation automation and protection products.

This certification has been designed by ABB to authorize third parties to deliver products, specialist support, service, training and engineering to the same level of excellence and professionalism.

In a short period of time, GEDLux has gained the confidence of national and international market leaders in three continents. Our clients include electricity generation, distribution and transmission companies, railway networks, and industrial companies

All our projects ioffer the provision of all control and protection relays and systems, as well as the engineering, installation, commissioning and maintenance thereafter.

Smart Grid and Substation Experts

Our specialization is based on the extensive experience of its staff

which possesses a wide knowledge of offering solutions in the field of transport, distribution and generation of electricity, as well as industrial areas, such as: refineries, steel mills, combined cycle plants, co-generation plants, etc...

Correct and affective automation is reliant upon an in-depth and thorough knowledge of all stages of the electrical process as well as a practical understanding of their vertical integration.

The most basic stage being the area of signal acquisition, for which GEDLux provides equipment using the latest state-of-the-art technology available to create IED devices which combine the concepts of control, protection and measurement.

- This is where the concept of the control, protection and measurement of devices is fully integrated. These devices are known as control and protection units (CPUs).

- The next stage in the process is the SCADA which displays the substation’s connection diagrams as well as how, and where to control the facility and network.

GEDLux is an ABB Authorised Value Provider and therefore offers the ABB SCADA which provides great versatility and can be configured either to be a basic SCADA with minimal functionality or set to the most advanced level of protection offering access to all tactical operations which encompass the typical traditional SCADA functions, such as: presentation of key parameters, trending of key parameters, alarm and diagnostic information, operations of set points and exception management.