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The Wireless Controller ARC600 integrates remote control, I/O interface, communications, battery charging and other necessary features for substation automation in a compact, all-in-one package.

arctic control

Wireless Controller ARC600 is a member of ABB’s Arctic product family and part of its 600 Wireless Gateway product series.

ARC600 is optimised for controlling up to three primary switching devices such as sectionalisers, circuit breakers or reclosers. Status indication of the controllable switching devices and up to three earthing switches are also available. ARC600 enables the SCADA system to wirelessly monitor and control the field devices over the public communication infrastructure (cellular network).

Typically, the IEC-104 protocol is utilized for communication to the SCADA system but for the existing installations with a IEC-101 line or modem, Wireless Controller ARC600 supports also IEC-101 communication (including dial-up) to the SCADA system.

Key features include:

Typically, several ARC600 Wireless Controllers or other Arctic 600 series gateways are combined with the ARM600 M2M Gateway to form a reliable and secure communication system for any utility or industrial application.