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Processor with ARM-based technology, Flexible number of I/Os which can be integrated thanks to scalable housing, Suitable for limited space requirements, Easy migration of existing RTU211 installations. Application areas: Secondary distribution substations & feeder automation
Migration RTU211 to RTU511

To protect your investments over a long time, existing RTU211 installations can be upgraded to the compact RTU511 with minimal effort and time.

The available migration kit makes it very easy to exchange the hardware in just a few steps. Besides the hardware upgrade, the import of existing RTU211 configurations is supported within the easy-to-use engineering tool RTUtil500. Thus the hardware and software migration are easy to handle and do not require any special support.

Additional functionality

In only a few migration steps the installed RTU can profit from additional functions comparable to high-end RTUs:

  • One engineering tool for all product lines
  • Powerful PLC functions
  • Up-to-date cyber security features
  • Support of all standard protocols
  • Support of Ethernet protocols (IEC -104, DNP3.0, WAN, Modbus)
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