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REC670 is used for the control, protection and monitoring of different types of bays in power networks. The IED is especially suitable for applications in control systems with distributed control IEDs in all bays with high demands on reliability. The IED can be used up to the highest voltage levels.

It is suitable for the control of all apparatuses in any type of switchgear arrangements.The control is performed from remote (SCADA/Station) through the communication bus or from local HMI. Different control configurations can be used, and one control IED can be used per bay or one IED can be common for several bays. Interlocking modules are available for all common types of switchgear arrangements. The control is based on the select before execute principle to give highest possible security.

A synchronism control function is available to interlock breaker closing. A synchronizing function where breaker closes at the right instance in asynchronous networks is also provided.

A number of protection functions are available for flexibility in use for different station types and busbar arrangements.

The auto-reclose for single-, two-, and/or three-phase reclose includes priority circuits for multi-breaker arrangements. It co-operates with the synchrocheck function with high-speed or delayed reclosing.

Several breaker failure functions are available to provide a breaker failure function independent from the protection IEDs, also for a complete one- and a half breaker diameter.

High set instantaneous phase and earth overcurrent, 4 step directional or non-directional delayed phase and earth overcurrent, thermal overload and two step under- and overvoltage functions are examples of the available functions allowing user to fulfill any application requirement. REC670 has been provided with six of overcurrent, earth fault, autorecloser and measuring functions.

This, together with the multi-display local HMI allows use as multi feeder protection and controller for distribution buses.

Disturbance recording and fault locator are available to allow independent post-fault analysis after primary disturbances with a single failure in the protection system. 6 x 32 dual directional channels for intertrip and binary signals transfer is available on each included communication card in the communication between selected IEDs inside the station or in a near-by station.

The advanced logic capability, where the user logic is prepared with a graphical tool, allows special applications such as automatic opening of disconnectors in multi-breaker arrangements, closing of breaker rings, load transfer logics and so on.

The graphical configuration tool ensures simple and fast testing and commissioning.