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The Relion® 630 Series covers applications for feeders (REF630), motors (REM630) and transformers (RET630) and includes a wide range of settings for the different protection, control and measurement functions.

The implementation of the IEC 61850 substation communication standard covers both vertical and horizontal communication, including GOOSE messaging according to IEC 61850 -8 -1.

The IEDs can be ordered with range of different binary input/output modules. Moreover, individual application requirements are fulfilled thanks to the adaptability and scalability of the IED

Other key features of the Relion® 630 series are:

  • Configurable single line diagram to follow-up the status of primary apparatuses (the number of them depends on the number of the available input and output) and the selected measurement values.
  • Programmable interlocking schemes.
  • Disturbance recorder (up to 100 recordings; max 10 s per recoding) for fault analysis. Record up to 40 analog channels and 64 binary channels.
  • Ethernet-based time synchronization: SNTP, DNP3 or IRIG-B.
  • Detects failures between voltage transformer and the IED, as well as faults in the transformer secondaries and wiring.
  • IED access for authorized users only.
  • Assure current measurements (phase, residual, positive and negative sequence), voltage (residual, positive and negative sequence, phase), power (P, Q, S and power factor), energy and frequency.