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The 615 series IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) are characterized by their compactness and withdrawable design.

The 615 includes:

  • Feeder Protection and Control (REF615)
  • Line Differential Protection and Control (RED615)
  • Transformer Protection and Control (RET615)
  • Motor Protection and Control (REM615)
  • Relion® 615 series present native support for IEC 61850 communication between deviices in substations (including GOOSE messaging. The 615 series also supports Modbus TCP/IP and RTU/ASCII; DNP3 TCP/IP and serial; IEC 60870 -5- 103.

The patented plug-in design:

  • Speeds up installation, maintenance and testing of the protection..
  • Contributes to shortened MTTR (mean time to recover).
  • Allows the cases to be installed and wired before the plug-in units are delivered.
  • Prevents the insertion of a wrong plug-in unit in a case thanks to a mechanical coding system.
  • Prevents accidental (or unauthorized) withdrawal of the plug-in unit through the sealable pull-out handle.

Other key features of the 615 series:

  • The enhanced disturbance recorder functionality: records up to 12 analog channels and 64 binary channels
  • Continuous monitoring of the IED itself.
  • Individual user accounts with role-based access control protects the IED from unauthorized access (Four access levels: viewer, operator, engineer and administrator).