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The patented plug-in design of the Relion® 610 series speeds up installation, testing and maintenance of the IED.

The 610 series includes IEDs for:

  • feeder protection (REF610).
  • motor protection (REM610).
  • general system voltage supervision (REU610).
  • Self-supervision of hardware and software.
  • Withdrawable design with automatic short-circuiting of CT secondaries.
  • Non-volatile memory for settings (EEPROM) and for recorded fault values.
  • Disturbance recorder (5s at 800Hz): 4 analogue and 8 digital channels.
  • Display of primary values: phase / residual current measurement (RMS); voltage measurement in REU610; negative phase sequence component in REM610; temperature based on RTD (Resistance Temperature Detectors)measurements in REM610.