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ABB Historian

Extensive gathering of your power system data.

An accurate view of the primary process enables fact-based decision making.
MicroSCADA Pro Historian collects and stores various types of data in a database designed to archive hundreds of thousands of values over long time periods in an accurate and reliable way.

Intuitive, easy operation ensures full utilization of the capabilities.
The flexibility of the user interface provides enterprise wide ease of use. Various needs from high level business summary to advanced equipment performance and detailed analysis of the electro-technical behavior are supported.

Quickly and easily installs into existing MicroSCADA Pro systems without service interruptions.
Extend your current MicroSCADA Pro system with the Historian to start gathering your data and immediately benefit from the advanced analysis possibilities. Historian can safely be connected to a running MicroSCADA Pro system without interruption to the operation.

Drag and drop interface to compose the reports you need.
MicroSCADA Pro Historian makes measurements and trends visible and understandable.
The advanced visualizations allows information to be presented in a clear way. Any user can easily compose new reports and layouts to adapt to every situation that emerges.